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Do Organic Growers Use ‘Hazmat’ Suits?

I came across this image the other day.  A farmer spraying his field wearing a protective suit and face respirator.  When I see this, I see a farmer keeping himself and those around him safe.  When activists look at this, they seem to see a scary hazmat suit and chemical poisoning.  The beauty of this photo, is that it was taken from a video about an … Continue reading Do Organic Growers Use ‘Hazmat’ Suits?

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An Open Letter to our Friends on Maui

Dear Maui Friends, You know us.  You’ve sat in our back yard while Dave cooks a pizza or three for you.  You’ve sat next to us in church, or in a class, or at the coffee shop.  You know our character and our hearts.  What I’m coming to realize, is that some of you may not know what Dave does for a living.  Dave works … Continue reading An Open Letter to our Friends on Maui

Not In MY Backyard

Over the past 4 years, the activists on Maui have been trying to convince the population that agriculture on the island is poisoning the world. They can’t show any evidence of this, but the suggestion is powerful and gets people’s undies in a bunch about what they imagine MIGHT be happening. SHAKA has been a leader in this speculation effort. They helped drive out sugar … Continue reading Not In MY Backyard

Save the Flip Phones

Save The Flip Phone

One of my closest friends from way back recently asked about an article written by Megan Kelley at Upworthy.  It had the following photo and title: 100 years ago, people were eating things that most of us will never taste.  So what happened? In a word – progress.  Ninety-eight percent of the citizens of the U.S. choose NOT to farm.  Most people choose to shop in … Continue reading Save The Flip Phone

Utopian Delusions

Farmland Theft Thwarted In Maui County

I’ll be honest, I don’t put much faith in humanity as a whole.  I do believe we are capable of amazing heroics and selfless acts of kindness and love.  If you need an example, the horrifying events in an Orlando nightclub this past weekend should give you an idea of what I mean.  One terrorist cooks up a plan to end the lives of as … Continue reading Farmland Theft Thwarted In Maui County

Maui A to Z: Zipline

There are several options on the island of Maui for Zipline fun, but there is only one company I trust. Skyline Eco Adventures It’s possible I’m biased, but Skyline has a top notch safety record in an industry where safety is rather important. Skyline has constructed zipline courses on several islands, with two located on Maui. When they opened the new Zip n’ Dip on the Lahaina side … Continue reading Maui A to Z: Zipline

People running in XTERRA Maui 5K

Maui A to Z: XTERRA Triathlon

Serious exercise. Marathon training.  It’s not my thing.  I wish it was my thing.  I love a good walk, even a fast walk, but I can’t imagine a world where I would willingly participate in a 5K.  My brother tried to coerce me into running while I spent a summer break with him during college.  It didn’t stick.  As a young person, I took the lead … Continue reading Maui A to Z: XTERRA Triathlon

Wailea at Sunset

Maui A to Z: Wailea

Wailea is the south shore’s version of the west side’s Ka’anapali.  Most people who live on Maui don’t spend much time in either area unless they work there.  Businesses in Wailea and Ka’anapali are priced for the “I’m on vacation, why not splurge a Little” crowd.  We sometimes try to find some beach parking and check out the waves near the big resorts, but most of the time … Continue reading Maui A to Z: Wailea

Pau Maui Vodka

Maui A to Z: Vodka

While I’m not a frequent vodka connoisseur, we have certain long term guests who really enjoy a good screwdriver or vodka tonic.  I’m one that would usually grab the mid-range bottle of whatever is convenient, but when my favorite hair stylist told me her husband is the Master Distiller at Pau Maui Vodka, obtaining a bottle moved to the top of my to-do list. Pau Maui Vodka is … Continue reading Maui A to Z: Vodka

Ulupalakua Winery Cover

Maui A to Z: Ulupalakua Ranch

Ulupalakua Ranch [oo-loo-pah-lah-KOO-ah] Ulupalakua Ranch has a long and varied history, from plantation to ranch to Maui Wine.  Visited by kings, queens, paniolos, and arm stealing vandals, it is never short on stories.  If you’re lucky, you may hear about the man buried in whiskey below his beloved sugar mill.  Not a bad way to spend eternity! Maui Wine The vines of Maui Wine (formerly … Continue reading Maui A to Z: Ulupalakua Ranch