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Lest you think it’s temporary…

Apparently Maui County is doing very well economically.  So well, in fact, that the activists here think that it would be great if modern farmers, like the seed companies, left the islands entirely.  In their opinion, Maui doesn’t need the tax dollars that these companies and their employees pour into our islands.

Activists have managed to JUST get enough signatures to place an item on our November ballot.  They are asking you to approve a “temporary moratorium” on GE operations and practices until they are proven safe.

First, what they are asking for is scientifically impossible.  Nothing can be PROVEN safe, all you can do is gather evidence to support a theory that something is very unlikely to be harmful under the given conditions.  You can show the point at which something does harm, but not that it is safe in all circumstances.  Dose makes the poison.  I can’t prove that table salt is safe, but I can certainly show that at my weight I can eat about a half cup of salt and I will have a 50% chance of killing myself.  Salt has an LD50 of 3000mg/kg of body weight.

Furthermore, haven’t the appropriate federal and state government agencies already determined the safety of GM crops and the associated farming practices?  What makes the activists think that Maui County can do a better job by setting up a new government agency that will do these tests all over again?  They already don’t trust the current science.  Why do we think they’ll believe a new county agency that says farm practices are safe?

Second, when they say “moratorium”, what they really mean is “EVICTION”.  They’ll claim that this is not the case, but haven’t you noticed the “EVICT MONSANTO” signs around town?  SHAKA members are even producing these bumper stickers:

Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 10.39.20 PM


Still think it’s temporary?

These activists may try to tell the citizens of Maui County that this is just a short term halt to the business of Monsanto and Mycogen, but don’t be fooled.  They have no intention of ever allowing these agriculture companies to again plant a seed on Maui or Molokai.

For the island of Maui, this will mean a slight increase in unemployment.  For Molokai, unemployment is projected to skyrocket, and the other businesses on the island will struggle as seed industry employees can no longer afford to purchase goods and services in their community.

Think before you vote.  How will your life be impacted by the loss of 600 jobs and millions in taxes?  How will your business be impacted by 600 families no longer able to buy gas and groceries, shop at the mall, or pay taxes?  This is not a temporary moratorium – this is outright eviction!

7 thoughts on “Lest you think it’s temporary…

  1. Just love the :’till its proven safe” meme. Proven by who? Clearly the anti-GMO movement do not believe decades of research from around the world so exactly who will decide on the safety, the anti-GMO industry? That would be equal to the anti-vaxxers deciding on the safety of vaccimnes. No thank you.

    1. Please, i cannot find a scientist outside or iffiliated outside of monsanto who has done studies, can you please point me the direction to find so i can see, thanks

    1. From what I understand, you can go down to MCC and purchase papaya seeds. Someone could also buy a rainbow papaya and plant the seeds hoping to get the virus resistant variety.

  2. Oh sorry for the questions, just want things cleared up…. How many of these 600 employees are here on work visa’s & residents prior to monsanto? What is the percentage of money being sent out of the economy ( such as employee’s on work visa sending money back home) and then specifically here on maui? Also isnt amish ( not that im so fimilular with it) do things completly different then how urban life, i guess you can call ?

    1. I’m wondering why people keep asking questions like this. Are the jobs held by immigrants less valuable? If I have a sibling/parent/friend in need, in Indiana, and I send them money, should I be criticized for not spending every dime on Maui? Of course not. Every employee still has to eat, sleep, and live on this island and contributes heavily to the local economy in this way. If I have extra and wish to share it with those in need elsewhere in the world, that is NO ONE’s business. We live in a global society and comments such as the one in today’s paper (Maui News) are telling of some people’s sentiments. In case it was missed:

      Turns out most of the genetically modified organism jobs declared to be in danger are not held by Maui folks.
      It has been a familiar sight in County Council meetings to have dozens or hundreds of workers complain of impending job loss. But we should not sacrifice our environment and tourist economy to support Canadian carpenters or Thai and Filipino nationals in the pineapple fields.
      We are being fooled again. Most of Monsanto’s Maui workers are brought in on a temporary basis from the Philippines.
      Call me selfish, but I don’t want to risk a poisoned Maui for their jobs.
      Vote “yes” on the citizen initiative to test the safety of genetically modified organisms.
      Chris Mentzel

      I believe his statements are false. I’d love to know where he got this info. Does seeing someone with a different skin color mean they are illegal or temporary? I find this line of thinking repulsive.

      As for the Amish, they are very business savvy. I would say the majority of the Amish/Mennonite farmers in our family’s area are using biotech. It means less spray and less trips through a field. I can imagine when you’re running a slow team of horses through the corn/soy field, this is even more important than it is to a farmer in an air conditioned John Deere.

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