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When Bronson Came to Visit Monsanto

Earlier this week Dave came home and told me that he welcomed Bronson Kaahui to come on the farm with a video camera. I was blown away.  Bronson has a bit of a reputation on Maui.  He likes to show up in random public places and ask hard questions.  He’s the Valley Isle’s version of Jimmy Kimmel.  While we love to laugh about stuff like this, it can be a little squirm worthy when the microphone is in your space.

I’ve heard that is it standard practice to not allow recording devices on Monsanto tours.  It doesn’t take a law degree to figure out why any business might be nervous about allowing a video on site.  This week, Dave went out on a limb and let one guy, the Jimmy of Maui, video his tour.  I’m so glad he did.  I held my breath waiting to see how it would turn out.  Here are the results, all in one convenient place.

**  If you have limited time, Parts 5 & 6 are the best of the best.  **

The next video has some sound quality issues, but what you can hear is interesting.


1:15 – Hazmat Suits;    4:00 – Helicopter Spraying and IPM;    6:30 – Experimental Chemicals;  8:00 – Pesticide Drift;   12:40 – Bees;   15:20 – Corn Sex;    15:55 – Can we eat the corn?;         20:40 – Pollen Drift;     23:55 – More Corn Sex;     24:35 – Hawaii Testing Grounds;                   25:25 – Coexistence;    26:30 – More Bees;    29:35 – More on Chemicals;  32:50 – The Land;      33:55 – Chemical Cocktails;

I love Part 5 because it really answers so many of the questions that I’ve heard asked around Maui lately.  It also answers the burning question, “Why do we wear closed toe shoes and safety glasses in the corn field?”


Note: There are 5 more videos, but most are very short.  You can find them on Bronson’s Channel.

3 thoughts on “When Bronson Came to Visit Monsanto

  1. I just watched number five….it brought back memories. Years ago I got to go out in some Monsanto fields on Oahu. It was lovely–I do remember pig trails/pigs and seeing some of the devastation wrought by those pesky critters. Then there were some gigantic ancient water pipes that ran down the mountains…built around the 1920’s or earlier?? The work involved with that was enormous. Great videos…miss the red dirt!

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