Buys Home On Golf Course, Complains About Golf Balls

The activists on Maui are at it again.  This time they’re going after another long time farming endeavor on the island.  HC&S is their target now, and they are determined to see this 150 year old Maui institution close its doors.

Sugarcane takes about 2 years to be mature enough for harvest.  When the cane is ready to be pulled out of the field, a quick burn process (usually about 1 hour early in the morning) is needed to concentrate the sugars of the plant and remove leaves.  This gives a far superior product to those that are harvested “green”, or unburned.  (Here’s a good resource for questions about HC&S)

For those living near a field, you might get a little smoke drifting through your neighborhood for 1-2 hours during the burn.  If you live VERY close, some ash falls on your lanai.  How do I know this?  I live in Kihei, very close to the fields.  When we first moved here, I had heard about cane burning, but even when our realtor was telling us about it, I didn’t fully grasp what he was talking about.  The morning of the first burn after we moved in, I realized this wasn’t that big of a deal.  Yes, I needed to sweep my lanai off once or twice a month, but I need to do that anyway.

A few months after settling into our home I was having tea with a friend whos family has lived on Maui for many generations, and I apologized for a wet seat on the lanai.  I had cleaned the cushions that morning (and they weren’t quite dry) so that we could enjoy the trade winds outside.  She looked sideways at me and kindly asked, “Did you know about the burning before you moved here?”  Well of course!  Her next comment, “Don’t let me hear you complain about something you chose to live in.”  I was a little baffled by the comment since I had only apologized for the wet seat.  I asked why she seemed defensive about the topic.  The gist of her answer: People move to the islands and complain about things that have been going on here for many many decades and then expect these things to change just for them.  What right do they have?

This weekend I’ve been seeing an excess of negative posts online about HC&S. My friend’s comments keep echoing through my mind.  Why did you move here?  The loudest complainers are the same people that moved here recently to head up the ban on GMOs, and now they are dead set on changing another Maui staple.  What gives them the right?

Do you build a house next to a pig farm and complain of the smell?

Do you move to Kailua Kona and yell about the vog wafting through your home?

Do you reside in Ka’anapali and grumble about tourists?

If you’re allergic to mango, do you move next to a mango farm and ask for the trees to be removed?

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Would you buy a home in Kihei and complain about smoke?

Move to the end of a runway and complain about airplane noise?Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 2.10.13 PM

How about a place near a cornfield, and then complain about pollen making you sneeze?

A home on a golf course and complain about the balls in your yard?COMPLAINS

Two of Maui’s loudest protesters against all things agriculture:

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 4.50.55 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 4.42.59 AMBoth live in Kihei.  Home to sugarcane.

The fact is, HC&S was here long before these activists.  They planted their first sugar in 1870.  Monsanto was in Kihei before Kihei was Kihei.  When the seed companies started farming here in 1968, there wasn’t much more than the Suda Store.  It wasn’t until the mid-70’s that resorts, condos, and homes started popping up left and right.

Every place I’ve ever lived has had its “thing”.  It was cold in Iowa, and I like the heat.  Northern California temperatures regularly hit 120 degrees in the summer, a bit too hot, even for me.  St. Louis had its issues as did Oahu, but the fact is, I chose to live in those places.  This time, I chose to plant myself in the middle of a cane field, and I have no right to grumble when a little ash falls.  Neither do any of these activists that are hell bent on changing the very things that make this island beautiful and green.

In the words of my friend, “Don’t let me hear you complain about something you chose to live in.”

3 thoughts on “Buys Home On Golf Course, Complains About Golf Balls

  1. I’m sorry but this post is deceptive at best. I live miles from the nearest field and often find ashes settled on our cars and window sills. Every time the wind blows the smoke our way, my wife’s asthma and allergies erupt, and she was born here. I am not asking them to close, but they should figure out a harvest method not from the 19th century. Australia no longer burns, and Brazil is outlawing the practice. Long time residents should all be appalled at the abuse A&B and C&H have inflicted on their well-being; not that much money from their enterprise stays in the island economy, given they only employ 750 of our 144,000 residents, but their pesticides and herbicides sure stay, as do the ill effects of billowing smoke every few days. Those jobs are important, but use of safer methods would be possible were it not for their corporate greed.

  2. You obviously need to get your facts straight. I have lived in Maui for 37yrs. now and you are so wrong about a lot of things. I am disgusted by people like you that think they can write about Maui and say things that aren’t true. Since your husband works for Monsanto you have no idea of what the cane smoke was doing to people’s health here nor do you care. You are only concerned about your bottom line , and that is to save your own job. This is a historical day for Maui to create a beautiful place that’s healthy for all to live and visit here and for future generations.. You want to destroy this for your selfish reasons.The cane burning was archaic and the chemicals they were using were stronger than ever before. Such as your own Round-up concoctions. There are many activists who have come out of the wood work to protest Monsanto and the cane burning, including Hawaiians, and many successful people that live here not just hippies that have been educated to these harmful and deadly practices.You need to move elsewhere, because you are not only poisoning people’s minds with your your poisonous remarks but you want to continue with the destruction of this island. Re: the jobs for the people that will lose them. They will be provided for, so don’t worry. This island takes care of those in need and also pushes people off that aren’t worthy of being here. So, don’t push this fear tactic that you are known for. Fear does not work here . Our consciousness is more highly evolved than this. We cannot be controlled.We have no hidden agenda but to make sure that Maui stays clean and healthy for all including the ocean animals ,the food we eat and the land and water that is our precious commodity that you want to destroy. We don’t need to be heavily inundated with chemicals. We have an opportunity now to do incredible things on this island and to be self sustainable. There will be jobs for everyone. You don’t deserve to come and live on Maui. Maui is a special place where not only is their beauty everywhere but it’s the people that make it so special. You will never understand this and I’m sorry for this but times are a changing and people can make a difference .It’s people like you that are the problem.

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