All Hail Whipped Cream, A Dairy Delight

Blog Whipped Cream Is Born

I’m a fan, a BIG fan of whipped cream.  If it’s even mildly OK to top something with cream, it’s going to happen in my house.  Chocolate Mousse, yes please.  Cakes and Pies? Pass the cream.  Corn Soup – load it up baby!  A nice medium rare steak?  Delicious.  I prefer my espresso with either steamed half and half (breve) or heavy cream (creme).  That coffee drink better be topped with whipped cream as well.

My grandpa was a dairy farmer, and I think the need for large quantities of dairy products are just hard-wired into the family DNA.  Many of my cousins have the same proclivities; they also eat an excessive amount of cheese, butter, and cream.  I have a 2nd cousin who drinks a gallon of milk in a day without batting an eye.  We love our dairy products, and if you go by our waist lines, it doesn’t show.  Everyone in the family is of a normal size, and some would even be called thin.  The magic of full fat dairy products.

Our family’s dairy budget is extensive.  While checking out at the grocery store a few weeks ago I was asked if I own a restaurant.  I had to think why the cashier was asking until I glanced at my cart.  I had 4 gallons of milk, 1 gallon of heavy cream, 2 gallons of half and half, 8 lbs. of butter, and 4 huge bags of cheese stashed among the bacon and eggs.  I could see how it might look like I was feeding an army, but it’s just our normal weekly intake of dairy products.

It is for this reason, on a day honoring a most revered of topping, I salute our dairy farmers for supplying my family with an abundance of products that keep us smiling.  I salute the dairy farmers, because at least half of my food budget goes to supporting their livelihood, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you!

All Hail Whipped Cream

3 thoughts on “All Hail Whipped Cream, A Dairy Delight

  1. Wait, Full fat Dairy is your secret, well that can easily be changed; not sure that will help my waistline but hey I’ll try. I adore whip cream, love making it and eating it like ice cream.

    Coffee never tastes as good as when it’s a breve…Now I need a coffee!

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