Maui A to Z: Beyond the Resorts

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Have you ever wondered what people who live in Hawaii do for fun?  The resorts are great, but unless you are independently wealthy, the people that live in Hawaii don’t hang out there.  We typically don’t spend every night at a $50 per plate restaurant, and we certainly don’t sit on the beach 7 days a week.  I WISH!

The reality is, that when you live in Hawaii, it becomes a little like living on the mainland.  You have your favorite dive place to grab a quick bite, your small handful of semi-touristy places that you never get sick of visiting, and a few out of the way beaches that you plant your folding chair on at least 2-3 times a month.  It’s not as glamorous as you might expect, but you won’t find me complaining.

Every online post about scooping snow, every friend texting about the below zero temperatures back in Iowa, every photo of very brown winter landscape reminds me exactly why we choose to live on an island in the middle of the Pacific.  The expensive EVERYTHING is worth it when you get 355 days a year of sun, the beach is a stone’s throw away, and some of the world’s best dining sits within a thirty minute drive.  I’ll take it.

I hope you’ll join along as I give a sneak peak at Maui from our family’s point of view.  These are the places we love, the events we look forward to every year, and the parts of Maui we just can’t imagine living without.

Maui – Beyond the Resorts!

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18 thoughts on “Maui A to Z: Beyond the Resorts

    1. Aloha Guilie! I can’t wait to read your A to Z on animal rescue. I’ve had several friends involved in rescue and fostering and it looks like a tough job. It takes a special person with a big heart and some serious know-how! How long have you been in the Caribbean?

    1. My ‘tender years’ were in the 70’s and 80’s, and wow, am I thankful the Internet wasn’t a daily part of our lives. I look forward to following along on your A to Z story!

  1. I have always enjoyed learning about the lives of the natives of the hot tourist spots, because it is often poles apart from the pictures we draw in our minds from travel photos or brief visits to the place.
    I loved your theme. Good luck for the challenge 🙂

    The Era I Lived In

    1. Thanks @LoriHenriksen! There is a short year-long honeymoon when one first moves here, and then you settle into ‘normal’ life and avoid all the places you frequented at first.

  2. I’m an Iowa-native who found my home on an east coast beach. Don’t know if I’ll ever make it to Hawaii, but I’ll definitely follow your Maui AtoZ, just in case!
    I’m trying this A-to-Z challenge to get back into my blog that I’ve been away from. Good luck!

    1. There’s something about the draw of the water. I still miss SE Iowa at times, but I don’t miss those winters! Loved your first post, as that is my family’s ‘home’ country. Looking forward to following along on your adventures. Aloha

      1. (We lived north-central in Iowa, but my mom’s side was from Eastern Iowa, between Davenport and Iowa City. Spent a lot of time there!)

      2. Really?! We went to college up in Sioux Center (NW), then switched to Ames, and finally landed in the Kalona/Iowa City area when we finished school. I miss the farm and space.

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