Bamboo Hike Blow Hole

Maui A to Z: Bamboo Hike

Bamboo Hike Blow Hole

Bamboo Hike

The Bamboo Hike is by far one of our family’s favorite places to go on Maui.  This is NOT the bamboo hike out by Hana.  This one is closer to home, doesn’t require the vomit inducing road to Hana, and can be rounded out with lunch at Polli’s in Makawao.

Cliff Jumping

The Bamboo Hike is out past Twin Falls.  It has multiple waterfalls, miles of mud if it’s been raining, a climb up a rock face that requires a rope (conveniently provided by some kind soul), and requires steady footing.  The swim and views at the second pool are worth every bit of dirt you will scrub out of your shoes and clothes when you get home.

Second Waterfall


Blowhole (Nakalele Point)

maui blow hole

On the opposite side of the island is the blowhole.  No signs mark this place, just a wide spot in the road.  You hike way down toward the cliffs on the edge of the ocean to see a spectacular geyser of water when a wave comes rolling in toward shore.  DO NOT get close.  A guy was sucked down the hole a few years ago because he thought it would be a great idea to hang his head over the edge.  The body was never found.  Don’t be that guy.  Respect nature – it doesn’t love you.
Maui Blow Hole

5 thoughts on “Maui A to Z: Bamboo Hike

  1. “Respect nature. It doesn’t love you.” made me laugh out loud. I don’t usually tout my blog, but my B post is about getting out in nature, and I had to be thoughtful about what I did when. I’d love to see both this Blowhole and do the Bamboo hike. I’m not afraid to get dirty!

      1. Luckily Hawaiian is phonetic. We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon decades ago and always told people it was “Maui oka noi.” Just returned last fall and learned that we had it wrong for 20+ years. Can’t wait for the rest of your virtual tour.

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