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Maui A to Z: Coffee

 Is there any other possibility for ‘C’ than coffee?

Maui Oma Coffee

My love affair with coffee has been long-standing, and I firmly believe there is no room in life for bad beans.  Thank God for Maui Oma Coffee Roasting Co.

Maui Oma Coffee Roasters

Maui Oma’s regular location is a little out-of-the-way facility down in the industrial section of Kahului.  It might be Maui’s best kept secret that you can weave your way through a few buildings to find a cup of heaven.

Maui Oma Coffee Roaster Ag Fest

This past weekend I caught up with them at the Maui Ag Fest on the grounds of the Tropical Plantation.  They had a fantastic display complete with roasting demonstration.  I was manning my own table most of the day, so I sent my favorite photographer over to grab a few photos.  She’s sixteen and a confirmed coffee addict.

She didn’t come back.

I think they put her in a coffee trance.  She finally turned up with a big smile, a camera full of great shots, and a bag of Red Catuai to facilitate her morning ‘shots’.  Quite appropriate considering she started taking her coffee ‘black’ at the ripe old age of three!

Red Catuai Maui Oma

Red Catuai (espresso roast) happens to be our favorite from Maui Oma, but Emma came home and marked her bag “Hands Off”.  Maui Oma Roasters

I’ve never met a coffee from Maui Oma that I didn’t love, and I’m convinced that my friend Diana and I single-handedly keep this place in business.  They’ll package your coffee selection right in front of you in any size bag you want.  One pound, two pounds, or, for the serious home connoisseur, the five pound bag.  The five pounder lasts about three weeks in our house.

Local grown, local roasted, it doesn’t get any better than that on Maui!

Maui Oma Coffee Roasters

Working hard to make Geof famous.  Mahalo for the coffee!

Photos courtesy of @PhotographBug

10 thoughts on “Maui A to Z: Coffee

  1. I definitely get fresh, locally roasted beans. It took a while to seek out a roaster where I now live, but have to agree that good beans makes the difference. Must be nice to get them fresh off the plantation!

    1. The people at Maui Oma put extra love into their beans, plus they’ll take the time to make sure you get a bean that will give you the cup of coffee you crave!

    1. I don’t turn up my nose at any cup of Joe that’s passed my way, but there is something magical about freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee. If you ever find yourself in Maui, look me up. I’ll brew you a cup of heaven. 😀

  2. How am I able to get through 2 lbs faster than you? You have 2.5 times more coffee drinkers in your house! 🙂 Maui Oma’s Red Catuai Espresso Roast is my mana.

  3. I love coffee. Sadly, my body doesn’t love caffeine, so now I’m decaffed pretty much all the time. Decaf coffee doesn’t taste bad (I don’t care what anyone says, since I always drank it at night anyway) but it does not come in so many assorted flavors and whatnot. I do miss that. Some of my favorite coffees do not come in decaf. 😦
    Recently, my local grocer began carrying some organic French Roast decaf, and it has become my favorite. I love to try new coffees and will be on the lookout for Maui’s coffee.

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