Maui A to Z: Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus, specifically the rainbow eucalyptus, are among my favorite trees.  If you know where to look Upcountry, you can find a few great examples.  Most of them are along the road to Hana.  They are spectacular and appear to be painted with light greens, reds, and blues.

Olinda Forest Trees

Maui Forest

To see regular old eucalyptus, you can travel above Makawao to Olinda.  The drive to the Olinda Forest Reserve, also known as the Waihou Springs Trail, is filled with the crisp scent of these huge stately trees. It’s a must to roll down the window and breath in the fresh cool air.  This hike is very easy, short, and provides some interesting tee-pee play areas for the kids along the way.  Best of all, the drive back down ends up near Polli’s in Makawao.  Pretty much all Upcountry roads lead to Polli’s if you’re in our car.  They have great chips, dip, and beverages.


As for the side hike down to the springs, make sure you go with someone that knows what they’re doing, and take bug spray. It can be rough, steep, and a bit treacherous.  It’s one of those places in the news regularly because someone fell and needed to be rescued.  Instead, I strongly recommend staying up top and bringing along a few friends for a massive game of capture the flag.

Huge game of capture the flag

6 thoughts on “Maui A to Z: Eucalyptus

  1. We just had the regular Eucalyptus in the town I went to school in in India. They were apparently imported decades/centuries earlier by Australian missionaries…? So prevalent we called out yearbook “The Eucy”. Beautiful and shady!

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