Maui A to Z: Fat Daddy’s

Fat Daddy's in Kihei

Fat Daddy’s: A little slice of carnivorous heaven set in the heart of Kihei.  Chris, the chef, is an artist when it comes to meat.  The revamp of the inside over the past year has created more seating, an outdoor eating space, and a great atmosphere.  Chris is a big fan of farmers, and I’ve heard rumors that a portion of the proceeds from certain dishes are given to support the farming community.  The bar is stocked with interesting options, and it’s one of the few places I’ve found on the island with Fat Tire on tap.  Of all the restaurants on this island, Fat Daddy’s is by far our favorite happy place.  We seem to end up in a chair there about once a week.

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This is how I feel, Every. Single. Day.

If you get a chance to go – don’t miss the brisket.  That is all.

 Iowa Meets Maui-2

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