Maui A to Z: Jellyfish and Jaws


If you want to see a jellyfish on Maui, the only smart place to do so is at the Maui Ocean Center.  Catching up with one of these creatures in the wild is not recommended, and the always available antidote to their painful sting might be a little more traumatizing than the initial encounter with the jellyfish.  Your options are limited, and you either get a friend to urinate on the wound, or you learn to carry a supply of meat tenderizer and antihistamine tablets.

Maui Ocean Center

If you’re interested in seeing some ‘jaws’ as well, the shark tunnel at the Maui Ocean Center is great and highly recommended.  One of the best treats though is planning a sleepover with these predators.  Every once in a while the aquarium has a night where you can sleep in the tunnel and watch how the sharks behave after the daytime visitors go home.  It brings new meaning to the phrase, “Sleeping with the Fish”.  One of these days, we’ll have to actually swim with the sharks in the tank, but for now, I’ll keep my feet dry.

Yellow Fish



6 thoughts on “Maui A to Z: Jellyfish and Jaws

  1. Aloha! Working at the beach in Delaware, there were days (the hottest ones, usually) when we’d get multiple calls about all the jellyfish at the beach… like we could do anything about it! I actually learned a trick, with the small ones, to pick them up – by the bulbous top ONLY – and fling them further out. This only works if there aren’t a million around. …and probably your tropical jellies are too big for that trick!

    1. You’re brave! The kids have all been stung by the tiny ones, and once my oldest walked out of the water trying not to scream – she had a tentacle wrapped around her waist and leg. Thankfully, we had tenderizer and Benadryl on hand.

  2. Sharks are amazing…as long as there is some really thick glass between us. We’re planning a trip to North Carolina this summer, and I was all excited about the beach until someone reminded me of the whole shark thing. It’s easy to forget when you live in Iowa. Oh…there will probably be jellyfish, too. Dammit!

    1. Statistically speaking, humans are far more likely to die from a cow attack than a shark attack, but that doesn’t help much when you’re in six feet of water and your kids are chanting the Jaws soundtrack.

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