Maui A to Z: Kula

When we start to miss the seasons a tiny bit, we head up to Kula for a dose of cool and a change of flora.  You can always count on the Upcountry area for a drop in temperature.  It makes for an ideal growing location for much of the island’s produce, and gives an escape for those who don’t like sunny and eighty degrees.




Kula Lodge Pizza Oven

One of our favorite spots to wander is the Kula Lodge.  They have some lovely gardens below the restaurant, and you can get a sneak peak of how the pizzas are made if you plan to order up lunch while you’re there.  I don’t often envy ‘stuff’, but their pizza oven is a work of art.

Kula Lodge

4 thoughts on “Maui A to Z: Kula

  1. Nice. Outdoor pizza. When we lived in Sri Lanka, one of the reasons the hill-town appealed to us was, as native Iowans, we appreciated the cooler evenings!

    1. Living in Sri Lanka must have been interesting. I hope to live in another country at some point- we’ll see what life throws at us! Thanks for dropping by. Always good to have another Iowan in the house!

  2. Another good one! You ought to send these to the Tourism Bureau or some such paper! (Think about changing some of the “that” s to “who”. 😊). Signed, your proofy.

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