Watching the Eddie Aikau

Maui A to Z: Quicksilver

Need a good t-shirt?  Want to watch an amazing big wave surf competition?  Quicksilver is the answer.

Watching the Eddie Aikau

First, Quicksilver makes a great t-shirt.  They are high quality, comfortable, and last forever.  They come in a size for anyone in the family, and most of them have fun designs.  They also make the ‘Eddie Would Go’ and ‘Eddie Went’ t-shirts that are incredibly popular around the islands.  I’m thankful we have several stores here on Maui.
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Quicksilver also sponsors the Eddie Aikau surf competition that takes place over on Oahu.  Eddie was a surfer and lifeguard who was willing to go out for rescues when no other person would brave the conditions.  The phrase “Eddie Would Go” became a natural slogan for the big wave surf competition that was started after his death.  The ‘Eddie’ is a competition that is only held when the waves get to be consistently 40′ high at Waimea.  In the 31 years since it’s inception, the Eddie has only been held 9 times.  Most recently, in 2016, and before that it was held in December 2009.  When it goes, the “Eddie Went” t-shirts and bumperstickers are printed in droves.

Eddie Would Go Bumpersticker

Eddie Bumperstickers

The spoof bumperstickers come out too:

Mom Would Go

Our family braved the insane traffic on December 8th, 2009 when the Eddie went for the 8th time.  It was mind-numbing to see the size of the waves in what is a very calm bay during the summer.  The surfers are nothing but a speck out on the waves, and the energy in the crowd is contagious.

Watching the Eddie 2009

Banner for Eddie 2009

5 thoughts on “Maui A to Z: Quicksilver

  1. That sounds so cool. We have surfing competitions in Delaware, but east coast waves are not typically so big. By that I mean, “big” surf is 8-10 ft waves.

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