A to Z Cover Sugar Beach

Maui A to Z: Sugar Beach

A to Z Cover Sugar Beach

Maui has an extraordinary number of beautiful beaches.  It leads to a very first world, Maui problem:


Different beaches are good for different activities, and we try to mix it up, but there’s only one beach we can walk to every night – Sugar Beach.

Kihei Beach

Sugar Beach isn’t what I’d call a great swimming beach, but it’s perfect for LOOOONG walks.  There aren’t too many longer stretches on the island, and the sand usually stays well packed for both the runners and the meanderers.  Simon likes to take his bike down some evenings, and everyone enjoys the swing.  Once in a while, you’ll come across a piece of art sketched in the sand near the old pier.

Kihei Pier

In the morning, after you’ve sufficiently burned off the calories of the previous day with a vigorous beach walk, you can cross the street and grab your baked breakfast treat from Sugar Beach Bake Shop.

Best Cinnamon Rolls on Maui

Ululani's Shave Ice

Ululani’s offers the best shave ice on the island a little later in the day, and if you’re hungry fom some great Indian food, Monsoon India is a sure bet for good grindz and beautiful views.

Maui Monsoon India Sugar Beach
–     –     View from Monsoon India in Kihei     –    –

Sunset approaches and Sugar Beach becomes a gathering place for tourists and residents alike as we all stand to toast another great day on Maui, and declare the sunset “One for the Ages”.


Sugar Beach

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