Maui A to Z: Zipline

Skyline Eco Adventures Zipline Cover With View of Outer Island

There are several options on the island of Maui for Zipline fun, but there is only one company I trust.

Skyline Eco Adventures

It’s possible I’m biased, but Skyline has a top notch safety record in an industry where safety is rather important.

Skyline Eco Adventure Zip n' Dip Zipline

Skyline has constructed zipline courses on several islands, with two located on Maui.

When they opened the new Zip n’ Dip on the Lahaina side of our island, we somehow lucked out and were asked to help with a promotional photo shoot they were doing.

Contemplating the Zip and Dip at Skyline

Oh, skip school to play on a zipline for a few hours?  Oh, please, no, don’t MAKE me!

Zip n' Dip Skyline Maui

It was a great day spent dropping in the lake and doing the double zip down the mountain.

Ads for Skyline Zipline

Our friend Nels recently celebrated his 100th birthday with a zipline adventure.

When I grow up, I want to be Nels.

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