Not In MY Backyard

Not In MY Backyard

Over the past 4 years, the activists on Maui have been trying to convince the population that agriculture on the island is poisoning the world. They can’t show any evidence of this, but the suggestion is powerful and gets people’s undies in a bunch about what they imagine MIGHT be happening. SHAKA has been a leader in this speculation effort. They helped drive out sugar and attempted to drive out corn & papaya. They did all of this under the guise of “protecting the people”. The reality is, they don’t want anything they don’t like happening in their backyard. It doesn’t matter how many studies the ag community shows them on the safety of GM crops, these people are SELFISH and don’t want starving people in the world to have access to healthy food in abundant supply.

‘Not in MY backyard!’ has been the battle cry of the wealthy and elite for decades.

Affordable housing?  Not in MY backyard!

A new road to shorten the commute of those providing services?

Not in MY backyard!

Agriculture? Definently not in my backyard.

Lorrin Pang, representing PCRAM (Physician’s Coalition for Responsible Agriculture on Maui), SHAKA, and SEED (formerly GMO Free Hawaii), got down to the nitty gritty of what these groups really think. Here’s an excerpt from a video made by Lorrin (always speaking as a private citizen so he won’t lose his job) on September 15, 2017.

Lorrin Pang

As he’s speaking the words below, he’s pointing at a photo of a GM field in Hawaii.

“This is done to feed the world.  This is done for local jobs and economics.  ‘Feed the world’, it sounds pretty interesting.

But you remember my patients with malaria, they said, ‘Gee Doc, I appreciate what you’re doing, but can you do it on someone else first?’

Well, you know, it is true that Hawaii could say, ‘Yes, we would like to feed the world, but could you do it somewhere else first? Say, the guys who are really starving? Can you do it in their back yard?’

Sounds selfish, but you have the right to do that individually. You don’t even have to do it as a community. Why don’t you do it as a community?Because if I took a vote to say, ‘Let’s be selfish and not in my backyard.’ Everyone’s going to look at me and say, ‘What, are you THAT selfish?’  That’s coercion. I’m allowed to say individually, the best way I can do it privately is during the vote.”

Thank you Lorrin Pang for finally showing your true colors and the colors of PCRAM, SHAKA, and SEED. Thank you for admitting that Monsanto is feeding the world and providing jobs for the people of our islands. However, promoting selfishness by telling your followers how to vote in the best interest of themselves instead of the best interest of starving people around the world?  Yes, it does sound selfish. Bravo Mr. Pang for telling us all how to act selfishly, and how to do it so no-one knows you’re selfish.

‘Privately – during the vote.’

Not in MY backyard.


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