Not In MY Backyard

Over the past 4 years, the activists on Maui have been trying to convince the population that agriculture on the island is poisoning the world. They can’t show any evidence of this, but the suggestion is powerful and gets people’s undies in a bunch about what they imagine MIGHT be happening. SHAKA has been a leader in this speculation effort. They helped drive out sugar … Continue reading Not In MY Backyard

Utopian Delusions

Farmland Theft Thwarted In Maui County

I’ll be honest, I don’t put much faith in humanity as a whole.  I do believe we are capable of amazing heroics and selfless acts of kindness and love.  If you need an example, the horrifying events in an Orlando nightclub this past weekend should give you an idea of what I mean.  One terrorist cooks up a plan to end the lives of as … Continue reading Farmland Theft Thwarted In Maui County

The Day Sugar Died, A Sad Day For The Islands

Sugar is officially dead in Hawaii.  That once beautiful swaying crop across the plains of central Maui will not see another Christmas, and at least half of the men and women who lovingly tended those fields will be jobless by 2017.  With a workforce of 675 people, around 337 individuals will be added to the masses of people looking for work on Maui. While activists online … Continue reading The Day Sugar Died, A Sad Day For The Islands

How Much Pesticide Does Monsanto Use?

Monsanto Hawaii: BIG Pesticide Users

Over the course of the past year, we have watched groups like Babes Against Biotech (BAB), The Center for Food Safety (CFS), and SHAKA do an interesting dance in Hawaii.  The “Babes” have been shaking their…fists at the seed industry and its supposed environmental harm since 2012.  In 2014 SHAKA introduced a ballot initiative targeting seed companies in Maui County.  First they claimed it was about the … Continue reading Monsanto Hawaii: BIG Pesticide Users

5 Things That Matter More Than GMOs

During our formative years we hopefully learned the art of time management.  Children are naturally prone to distraction, and our tech savvy world is full of ready time killers.  Learning to  to stay focussed on what is important can be difficult. When reading the headlines in the local paper, it’s obvious that some of the adults in the world have not yet learned this lesson and are modeling … Continue reading 5 Things That Matter More Than GMOs

Bottom View of Corn

How to Grow Sweet Corn on Maui and End Up in Jail

If you live in Maui County, and you woke up this morning wanting to plant a field of sweet corn, you would likely want to grow a Bt variety that would decrease your insecticide use by around 85% and allow you to use less fuel in your tractor.  You might also want to think twice. As of November 5, 2014, that Bt sweet corn is now illegal … Continue reading How to Grow Sweet Corn on Maui and End Up in Jail

Kabocha and Aloha

Lately, I have a hard time giving my business to establishments that hang a “Vote Yes” sign in their window.  On every other issue, I don’t care at all if we disagree, I’ll still support your business.  But on the Maui County Initiative, I just can’t make it through the door of a ‘yes’ business.  They are advocating for the loss of my husband’s job, … Continue reading Kabocha and Aloha