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An Open Letter to our Friends on Maui

Dear Maui Friends, You know us.  You’ve sat in our back yard while Dave cooks a pizza or three for you.  You’ve sat next to us in church, or in a class, or at the coffee shop.  You know our character and our hearts.  What I’m coming to realize, is that some of you may not know what Dave does for a living.  Dave works … Continue reading An Open Letter to our Friends on Maui

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“There’s No Such Thing as a Temporary Shut Down.”

$85 Million dollars – gone.   950 jobs – impacted. “Why do we need to shut down an industry to study it, when you can just go STUDY IT?”  Dr. Paul Brewbaker posed this question today to the Maui County Chamber of Commerce.  Dr. Brewbaker is the Principal of TZ Economics and former Chief Economist for Bank of Hawaii.  He gave a presentation about the impact that … Continue reading “There’s No Such Thing as a Temporary Shut Down.”

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Thinking Critically about Maui’s GMO Initiative

In our home, we value critical thinking and a knowledge of current events, two subjects that go hand in hand.  We have 3 children (10,13, & 15) who are encouraged to read the paper each morning and ask questions.  Admittedly, they read the comics first, but eventually they get to the headlines and opinion pieces as well.  Over breakfast we sit and discuss what they … Continue reading Thinking Critically about Maui’s GMO Initiative

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Maui’s Farming Ban

A few months ago the people of Maui County were given the opportunity to present testimony before the county council on a proposed ban on farming.  Here’s what I had to say: Thank you for hearing testimony today.  My name is Rhonda Stoltzfus, and I’m here as a mom and agriculture enthusiast.  I have a bachelors degree in Horticulture from Iowa State University – specializing … Continue reading Maui’s Farming Ban

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Lest you think it’s temporary…

Apparently Maui County is doing very well economically.  So well, in fact, that the activists here think that it would be great if modern farmers, like the seed companies, left the islands entirely.  In their opinion, Maui doesn’t need the tax dollars that these companies and their employees pour into our islands. Activists have managed to JUST get enough signatures to place an item on our November … Continue reading Lest you think it’s temporary…

Amen Molokai

If you’re looking for an entertaining way to spend your day, a trip to hear testimony given to the Maui County Council on the subject of GMOs may be just what is needed.  On Wednesday, roughly 200 members of the community gave the council their thoughts on a Citizen’s Initiative called PIA-78.  This initiative would place a moratorium on the cultivation of genetically engineered organisms … Continue reading Amen Molokai

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GMOs Do Not Stay Alive In Your Gut

In Maui County, there is currently a petition being circulated by the SHAKA Movement.  If this petition gains enough signatures, the voters of Maui County will decide if GMO crops should be banned until they can be deemed safe by a “Joint Fact Finding Group”. In a recent Maui Now article from May 22, 2014, Mark Sheehan (one of 5 residents who started the petition) argues … Continue reading GMOs Do Not Stay Alive In Your Gut