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Thinking Critically about Maui’s GMO Initiative

In our home, we value critical thinking and a knowledge of current events, two subjects that go hand in hand.  We have 3 children (10,13, & 15) who are encouraged to read the paper each morning and ask questions.  Admittedly, they read the comics first, but eventually they get to the headlines and opinion pieces as well.  Over breakfast we sit and discuss what they … Continue reading Thinking Critically about Maui’s GMO Initiative

Maui Ag Bumper Sticker

Maui’s Farming Ban

A few months ago the people of Maui County were given the opportunity to present testimony before the county council on a proposed ban on farming.  Here’s what I had to say: Thank you for hearing testimony today.  My name is Rhonda Stoltzfus, and I’m here as a mom and agriculture enthusiast.  I have a bachelors degree in Horticulture from Iowa State University – specializing … Continue reading Maui’s Farming Ban

Bed on a Maui Beach

Sleeping with Monsanto

I’ve been sleeping with Monsanto for 15 years now.  It all started at Iowa State with a good looking graduate student in plant breeding, and somewhere along the line, while I was pregnant with our first child and busy building my organic strawberry farm in Iowa, things changed.  One day the paychecks from the mom and pop company that hired my husband out of school … Continue reading Sleeping with Monsanto