Not In MY Backyard

Over the past 4 years, the activists on Maui have been trying to convince the population that agriculture on the island is poisoning the world.  They can’t show any evidence of this, but the suggestion is powerful and gets people’s undies in a bunch about what they imagine MIGHT be happening.  SHAKA has been a leader in this speculation effort.  They helped drive out sugar … Continue reading Not In MY Backyard

Privileged Students Protest Vitamin A Rich Bananas

As an Iowa State University graduate, I’m often filled with pride when I hear about activities happening on the campus that I called home for four years.  My husband Dave and I graduated from ISU’s Agriculture Department, and I later worked in both the Food Science Department running taste tests on apples and at the Horticulture Farm doing field research.  Both departments feel a little … Continue reading Privileged Students Protest Vitamin A Rich Bananas

Buys Home On Golf Course, Complains About Golf Balls

The activists on Maui are at it again.  This time they’re going after another long time farming endeavor on the island.  HC&S is their target now, and they are determined to see this 150 year old Maui institution close its doors. Sugarcane takes about 2 years to be mature enough for harvest.  When the cane is ready to be pulled out of the field, a quick burn process … Continue reading Buys Home On Golf Course, Complains About Golf Balls

5 Things That Matter More Than GMOs

During our formative years we hopefully learned the art of time management.  Children are naturally prone to distraction, and our tech savvy world is full of ready time killers.  Learning to  to stay focussed on what is important can be difficult. When reading the headlines in the local paper, it’s obvious that some of the adults in the world have not yet learned this lesson and are modeling … Continue reading 5 Things That Matter More Than GMOs

A ‘Seedy Business’ For Sure

Last week a friend sent an article to me asking for my comments.  To be honest, had I stumbled upon this paper online, I would have dismissed it as “not worth my time”.  It has numerous fallacies and jumps to many conclusions without substantial evidence.  Two thing made me change my mind.  First, a friend asked, and I rarely say no to friends.  Second, this article was … Continue reading A ‘Seedy Business’ For Sure