I Will Not Slop Hogs EVER!

I was born in the back of a pharmacy.  Well, not quite, but close.  My parent’s opened their store in a small California town just a few weeks before I was born.  My playpen sat a stones throw from medicine bottles and I learned to count on a pill tray.  I played “store”, not house, and as soon as I was able to see over the counter, … Continue reading I Will Not Slop Hogs EVER!

Restoring an Old Iowa Farmhouse

When I was 13, I started dreaming about renovating old buildings.  At the time, I had my eye on a hotel in McCloud, CA.  It was in poor shape, but still carried the traces of grandeur from its hay day in this small mill town.  It was eventually renovated (NOT by me) and turned into the charming hotel found here.  When my husband finished grad school … Continue reading Restoring an Old Iowa Farmhouse