Privileged Students Protest Vitamin A Rich Bananas

As an Iowa State University graduate, I’m often filled with pride when I hear about activities happening on the campus that I called home for four years.  My husband Dave and I graduated from ISU’s Agriculture Department, and I later worked in both the Food Science Department running taste tests on apples and at the Horticulture Farm doing field research.  Both departments feel a little … Continue reading Privileged Students Protest Vitamin A Rich Bananas

A ‘Seedy Business’ For Sure

Last week a friend sent an article to me asking for my comments.  To be honest, had I stumbled upon this paper online, I would have dismissed it as “not worth my time”.  It has numerous fallacies and jumps to many conclusions without substantial evidence.  Two thing made me change my mind.  First, a friend asked, and I rarely say no to friends.  Second, this article was … Continue reading A ‘Seedy Business’ For Sure